ECHER membership

What does it mean to be a member of ECHER?

Members of ECHER are master students, PhD/doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers up to four years after obtaining the PhD, as well as those who do not fall into one of these categories but nonetheless consider themselves early-career higher education researchers.

Exceptionally, members can be individuals who are not early-career scholars themselves anymore but who wish to support our network.

All ECHER members share a research interest in the field of higher education, which can be from a within-the-field, an interdisciplinary, or a disciplinary perspective.

ECHER welcomes early-career higher education researchers from all over the world. Although its members are mostly from or based in Europe, ECHER is not exclusively a European network.

Membership in ECHER is free of charge.

Membership is renewed every two years and it is based on the calendar year. We want ECHER to be a community of scholars who actively follow and/or participate in ECHER’s activities, which is why we think that saying “Hi, I’m still around!” once in a while is one thing we can all do.

Why should I consider becoming a member of ECHER?

By being a members of ECHER, you have an opportunity to do one or even all of the following things:

  • Subscribe to the ECHER mailing list. The purpose of the list is for the members to share useful information, such as career opportunities and conference calls, as well as to discuss various issues of concern for early-career scholars.
  • Take part in the decision making on ECHER’s activities.
  • Be one of the editors of ECHER Blog.
  • Initiate and lead working groups on topics of interest for early-career scholars.
  • Represent ECHER towards other organizations.
  • Contribute to ECHER’s further growth and development.