Blogging & ECHER Blog

Online (Zoom)

Why do academic have blogs? What purpose do they serve in one's research and career? Which academic bloggers do you follow and why? How can we make a better use of the ECHER Blog? What purpose does such a community blog serve? If you want to talk about any or all of these things, join […]

ECHER pre-holidays chocolate hour

Online (Zoom)

Come network and rant with fellow ECHERites about the weird year of 2020 for one final time before the holidays. The details about the meetup, including the Zoom link, will be shared on the ECHER mailing list.

Thinking with theory & doing theory in higher education research

Online (Zoom)

How do we think and work with theory in higher education studies? Where do theories come from, what role(s) do they play, and how can we make the most of them? How do we know which theory "works" and which theory "does not work" in the studies we do? If these and similar questions have […]