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Doing research

Higher Education Research

Reference lists, bibliographies, and literature reviews on various topics in higher education research. A collaborative project by early-career higher education researchers. Occasionally updated.

Literature on Higher Education as a Field of Study

A chronologically arranged bibliography of empirical studies and discussions on the characteristics of higher education research, published since the 1970s. Occasionally updated.

Academic Writing

Resources that can help your improve writing and research skills, recommended by early-career higher education researchers. Occasionally updated.

Everybody Struggles with Writing, Everybody Gets Rejected

Advice on writing & publishing in higher education from experienced higher education scholars. Most of the material was collected in 2019 but the collection is open for further contributions.

Theorizing in Social Sciences

Bibliography of academic works and discussions on the subject of theorizing in social sciences. Occasionally updated.

ECHER Bookshelf

Posts published on the ECHER Blog dedicated to the literature on research, writing and publishing. Occasionally updated.


Meet the Editors

Interviews with editors of higher education journals, conducted by early-career researchers, on the subject of journal publishing and the state of publishing in higher education more generally. An ongoing project.

Higher Education Journals and Conferences

A database of higher education journals and conferences curated by ZW Taylor.
Read the blog post in which ZW tells about the background of the database. Updated weekly.

Higher Education Journals

A list of journals created by Jelena Brankovic in 2018. Read the blog post introducing the list. No longer updated.

Networking & Community

Higher Education Research Societies

A list of scholarly societies available to researchers of higher education: international, national, disciplinary and interdisciplinary. Occasionally updated.

ECHER Meetups

Informal online meetings around a specific theme or simply to catch-up with other members.


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