Doing research, writing, and publishing: ECHER’s resources

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Recently we introduced a new page on our website – resources. It is meant as a permanent and easy-to-access corner on this website, something you can always find by looking at the top of your browser, right under the address bar.

We will be using this page to list various resources which could be helpful for doing research, academic writing, publishing, and other things related. Everything listed has been recommended by early-career higher education researchers, which means it is probably useful. Or at least worth checking out.

We have grouped things into following categories: books on writing and doing research, blogs and blog posts on writing and doing research, videos and podcasts on writing, various sources on theorizing, resources on how to make a contribution, and grammar and language.

The list is not a closed or a finished one, and we see it more as a workspace to which we can keep adding things. That said, if you have any suggestions of your own to be added to this list, or suggestions to reorganize it and make it more accessible, do contact us at or post your suggestions in the comment section below!

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