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Last updated on 12 August 2021

This post contains a bibliography of works on the subject of theorizing in social sciences. The list is occasionally updated. We welcome suggestions to include additional resources (just send us an email).

Journal articles, books, blog posts


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Organization, business and management studies

New Scholars, a blog for management scholars with lots of useful resources on theorizing

Aksom, H., & Firsova, S. (2021). Structural Correspondence Between Organizational Theories. Philosophy of Management, 20(3), 307–336.
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Debates & special issues

Academy of Management Review, 1989

Eisenhardt, K. M. (1989). Building Theories from Case Study Research. The Academy of Management Review, 14(4), 532–550.
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Administrative Science Quarterly, 1995

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Sociological Theory, 2017

Besbris, M., & Khan, S. (2017). Less Theory. More Description. Sociological Theory, 35(2), 147–153.
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Theorizing & literature review

Alvesson, M., & Sandberg, J. (2020). The Problematizing Review: A Counterpoint to Elsbach and Van Knippenberg’s Argument for Integrative Reviews. Journal of Management Studies.
Elsbach, K. D., & Knippenberg, D. van. (2020). Creating High-Impact Literature Reviews: An Argument for ‘Integrative Reviews’. Journal of Management Studies.

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Krlev, G. (2019). The death of the literature review and the rise of the dynamic knowledge map. LSE Impact Blog.
Sternheimer, K. (2019). How (and Why) to Write a Literature Review. Everyday Sociology Blog.

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